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barrel racing mc rollin ichie indiana grand racing and casinoBig Progress Starts With Small Changes

So here we go my absolute first change to this blog.

Here at Canchasin.com we hope to share with you a variety (because we are jacks of all trades and absolute masters of NONE).

There is so many  amazing ideas we find on this world wide web of ours.

My life revolves around my family they are always first , farm critters and work….

I love DIY construction is fun… Destruction the best,

Barrel Racing (although I am just what I call the weekend warrior type…. you know the ones….. yep that’s me) Luv my girls they always take care of me 😀 we always have fun I don’t ask em for more than they are fit for the bottom line just have fun if its a couple times a year or many.
Quarter Horse Racing (yet another week end warrior kind of thing….I have not had good fortune YET in this area either however you know how it goes “That is  Racing” Or as my dad would say your playing the “Sport of Kings” I could come up with a million excuses you know like Good Horse Bad Race….Bad Horse Good Race , put em in a 400 when need 350 or vice versa and along with that goes learning , you cannot learn enough for you and your horse absorb everything pay attention to all details no matter how small….  and adding a little LOT of your own personal fortune, and a little luck always helps.)

Adventures are always on the list of things to do every year , camping, hiking, fishing, hunting,

here are a few fun things I already have in my bucket with in last few years

I have partnered ownership in a race horse , bred and raced a horse we produced, Rode my own horse at Indiana Downs(ponied of course cause I have more to prove before they will let me out there, you need a license for everything, also it could  possibly be a dangerous atmosphere if you don’t know what your are doing and a we bit of experience with race horses is a  must) not much to some but to me defiantly a top ten HIGH!

We bought our first camper in 2014 ….. LOVE IT home away from home!

Kayaking in 2014 oh my am I hooked we went down part of the Tippecanoe River lazily AHHHH….

2015 places to go Kayaking in the wonderful state of Wyoming (we go to Wyoming every year for vacation I know they have kayaking for all levels there hahaha) here I go day dreaming of things to come.

2015 has started out pretty fun already we went to Pokagon State Park of course went sledding, and down their toboggan ride a couple of times then it was off for some cross country skiing oh my that’s fun and addicting!

a couple other things I have done in the past that are real good memories include skydiving 2x solo (even though I am afraid of heights), I strongly advise doing this at least once!   Snowmobiling in the Big Horn Mountains….. Ok I quit going on and on but wait I also get motion sick and I was able to go on a good roller coaster ride at cedar point thanks Dramamine! ….. I love exiting things they might not be extreme but hey defiantly fun for me!

I am no Martha Stewart nor Betty Crocker or Suzy Homemaker….. simpler the better when it comes to cooking and scrubbin although I LOVE FOOD and a clean home (don’t we all)

and my oh my I cant say enough about Pinterest and Hometalk fun fun places to visit! ( I have my own share of pinterest fails lol)

Thanks a million for stopping by!




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