Cowhide curtain Pinterest fail

On my little quest to simplify and beautify my life I wanted a cowhide curtain in my tiny little bathroom. Well I am here to tell you it was a Pinterest fail…. What I had in mind was way more glamorous (yes I believe rustic cowhide is glamorous) than what had turned out. Maybe I […]

Enter Quick Noble Backpack Giveaway

While on my quest to better my content on my blog and find bloggers with common interest I ran across not only a blog worth reading but a giveaway to boot! She also has reviews and has had other giveaways worth your while to keep an eye on and tosses a little bit of […]

Horse Head Wreath 

      Here’s a cute fairly easy project I came up with inspired by all those lovely ladies and gentalmen out there via Pinterest Facebook Hometalk and Etsy where these beauties sell for decent monies….. One day I would love to open a little Etsy shop until then I will continue to dream 🙂  Back […]

Freezing Tomatoes Has Never Been Easier

Hear is my homesteading tip of the week it comes from I personally have not tried this yet …. But it is on my list! Could it really be as simple as tossing the maters in a blender and pouring them into a muffin pan and freezing then when frozen toss into a ziplock …. It […]

Where my mind has wondered today … Dehydrating Eggs 

Why my mind has wondered there who knows …. Actually a family member was talking about how other family members are “preppers” we all have our own beliefs and various reasons for doing things the way we do. Every once in a while I wonder where my children get their sense of imagination and investigation […]

Tierd of muddy walkways …. Yet another pallet project

Good bye ice and snow! Welcome mud well not really however as I was surfing this morning I came across a cute lil project “the roll up boardwalk” as seen on Pinterest and Hometalk step by step directions or as I call them destructions can be viewed at perfect project for ye ole skid […]

DoTerra Essential Oils For All Your Equine

Here is a shout out to the wonderful ladies out in Wyoming who sent me some samples for my horses and I! More to come on this adventure soon! I am finding is Doterra’s oils are made for the whole family two legged and four!….Links on getting started coming soon! I would love to know […]

Need a good book to read at your next rodeo?

Do you need to add to your personal library on your phone, tablet or laptop? While your waiting at the show for the next class or when the show is over do you just want to sit down by the fire, trailer or stall and read a good book and relax? Download some of these […]

Easy Peasy Meatloaf

Oh yes my family and friends you will never believe it This recipe is so simple even I could do it OH and by the way I did and it was edible that was the best part. I am sure someome has a patent on this recipe however I a guy at work gave me […]

Honey its cold outside…

32 Days till spring whoohoo we are all ready! I know everyone and their brother, sister, and their donkeys and I mean that in the most lovingly way are ready for some beautiful weather ….even my layers of under armour and my old military coat are having a time keeping this happy hiney warm…. outdoor […]

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