#countrycraftchallenge rundown 2016

I have made up a ton of notes for this little challenge of mine however I’m…Justa gonna throw caution in the wind and wing it because if I don’t get something in print to make me motivated to do this I never will

January – blue jeans ( because I saw the cutest cross sign on etsy and have been wanting to put my own twist on it )

February – cowhide (for years I have had this ole cowhide that I have been wanting to make a curtain / valance with)

March- barn wood ( I really need to finish our “master bath ”

April – horse shoe art …. Who doesn’t luv some kind of creation with horse shoes

May – chalkboard because don’t everyone need one or at least one more ….

June – by now we should be running around all over the place so I’ve always wanted to make a little rock project

July – summer is in full swing ….. Not that making a swing is a bad idea I have seen some really cute ones out there but I am going to have to go with something made with some good ole Barb Wire

August – Glass (for me it will be etching or painting or hanging a beautiful old window filled with pictures )Hmmmmm decisions decisions Windows Mason jars painting some plates oh the possibilities …..

September – oh dear September what will we do ….. Photos because I will have to make time to go print some out and if I don’t by now I had better get on it….

October –  Wood Sign because…..I want one and keep starting one and never finis……..
November – Burlap because it’s beautiful …. And I plan on burlap decor Christmas (we will see how far I get in that one)

December – Going to go CanChasin  Creations Crazy …. In simple English if I get anything accomplished this month It will most certainly be a blessing !

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