Cowhide curtain Pinterest fail

On my little quest to simplify and beautify my life I wanted a cowhide curtain in my tiny little bathroom. Well I am here to tell you it was a Pinterest fail…. What I had in mind was way more glamorous (yes I believe rustic cowhide is glamorous) than what had turned out. Maybe I should have spent more time on it … My thoughts of taking a cowhide that was in rough shape I bought years ago and turning it into crafty things just didn’t go so well for me this round! Oh well maybe my next brilliant brain storm will set me back on my path to creative beauty. I really need to spruce this baby up maybe add some saddle silver slice and dice the leather belts to add a little more bling characteristics  and some kind of string to do the no see Roman shade …. Now just taking the time to do it ! Any ideas?

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