Thursday’s with Gma B

I love our new Thursday night cooking with Gma B tonight’s menu Fried Chicken Mashed Potatoes Home  Made Gravy and Macaroni and Cheese Yummo

This evening at Gma B’s potato soup was on the menu a Gma B Family Fave! This is how it all went down… Peel taters wash taters chop taters …. Toss them in the pot add water bout an inch or so above taters bring to a boil add lil butter to keep from bubbling over boil them taters till soft add big ole scoop butter and I mean big scoop add some cow juice not very much few good splashes…. Simmer .. In separate bowl add one egg and flour mix till lumpy not quite crumbly these are called Gma B’s riblets add them to pot and simmer we added hamburger on oh my oh my what a deliteful dish if soup is not thick in separate cup mix flour and cow juice (milk)50/50  toss in …. And walla a wonderful winter simple tummy warming stick to your riblets soup 🙂 and thank Gma B and Gpa L for doing dishes… A nap sounds so good after this dinner and don’t forget the sweat pants ! You know if hubby goes back for seconds you know it’s good:) ! P.S serve with toast… dip it or top it


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