Fun Craft of the Week

Fun Unusual Wrapping Paper Craft of the week
We have a large family Christmas and we love to visit with family we rarely get to see throw-out the year, enjoy a wonderful meal and instead of buying a ton of gifts everyone pitches in a few miscellaneous presents and play games. We play the dice game last we line up several tables and toss all the gifts in the middle then the game begins rolling dice for five minutes and everyone who rolls doubles gets a prize gift after making sure everyone has a gift we start again and this round I call the combat round when you roll doubles you get to steal a prize from anyone anywhere around the table, then when time is up you get to open gifts you’ve got left. Such a great time presents everywhere just little gifts some hand made, some discarded and rewrapped from the year before, some real treasures pictures of family that may or may not still be with us, someone may even put a rock in a brilliantly wrapped box ya just never know its all in the name of fun and family time! IMG_5118
I love making the Gift Sharpie Plate I didn’t make the time to make the one with the poem so I hopped on pinterest for some quick idea and came up with this and tossed it in the oven at 150-250 for a half hour quick fun and always a hit. We even tossed in a jar of home canned apple pie filling ( The winning recipient loved it and couldn’t wait to get home to bake it)
our wrapping paper I wanted something that stood out from the others cause that’s just the way we roll…
We have started a new tradition at home by painting brown paper sacks as wrapping paper for some of the gifts the kiddos love it and its a good time!
Our next adventure was to wrap the presents that wont fit into the bags
This year we used newspaper and ornaments from the dollar tree I just love them I think they are too cute!! Then we scrunched up some paper for bows and wallah out the door we went to our big family Christmas we had fun before we even left !IMG_5114
I hope you all have as much fun wrapping these gifts as Merry Christmas to

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