Horse Head Wreath 

Here’s a cute fairly easy project I came up with inspired by all those lovely ladies and gentalmen out there via Pinterest Facebook Hometalk and Etsy where these beauties sell for decent monies….. One day I would love to open a little Etsy shop until then I will continue to dream 🙂 

Back to my story I haven’t taken the time to create a project in forever (ok since this time last year) so I decided today that was exactly what I was going to do so I quickly picked up the house decided that was good enough (even though you know as well as I it is never enough and never done) and I did have a gazIlion other things that needed to be done …..they could wait and they did lol I had such grand plans of choosing a pattern on the internet transferring that to some cardboard as a pattern needless to say I forgot the cardboard and the Internet was sllllllllooooooooow and I had no patients so I winged it grabbed the Christmas paper and a marker and away I went  

With a little help from our cat the General ….. I gathered my supplies smooth wire, fiscar scissor ,an old wreath salvaged from goodwill and some burlap ,chicken wire, needle nose pliers and the project started to take shape 


For the first try I don’t think it turned out to bad I didn’t have the time I thought to make the wreath so I cheated and turned this inspirational little piece into a card /picture holder just add a couple clips or those cute little clothes pins and enjoy! Show me your creations I would love to see the creativity I would like to make one for a precious friend of mine a black appy with red poinsettias we will see ….

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