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Swagbucks is a great way to earn some extra $$ , take surveys, read emails, or shop places like TSC (Tractor Supply Company), Groupon, and Living Social. Those are just a few of my favorite places along with Walmart KMart and Tons More.

Here is another one worth a shot a dear friend of mine said her daughter uses EBATES. I was surfing the internet and ran across EBATES was another way to earn a little money online since I shop on Ebay all year around I figure hey its worth a shot! I signed up and you can to they seem to have a great referral program too Here is where I signed up and you can to EBATES

This is my way of keeping a list of things I sign up for personally and am signing up to become an affiliate for on this site. As always good luck I hope this helps you and I put a little more jingle in our pockets….have a great day 🙂

Here is a list of apps that I would like to check into I wish I could remember what site I got them from when I find out I will most defiantly update I remember now I bet some of these ideas came from THE PENNY HOARDER and give them credit supposedly if you download these apps to your phone they pay you one way or another …. an idea worth looking into. Just in case anyone were to read this but me I have not used these apps yet and absolutely have not a clue how they work yet lol
Media Insiders Panel, Neilson Mobile Panel ( don’t know if its for IPADS only or not ) , EBATES, Mobile Expressions (supposedly for androids only), IBotta, Checkout51

And to continue the list of things to check into … I just like to share what I find while I am surfing the net …
Spring board, Send Earnings, Harris Poll, Neilson… I think these are more survey sites but show up on about all of the make a few extra pennies, these are some I am going to check into … ya know the days when your at work and really just want to be alone at break and hey a few more pennies( probably literally but hey they add up ) never hurts lol I am on a quest to see if I can make a couple hundred extra “free bucks” for Christmas … will let ya know if I have success 🙂

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