Making my way and finding inspiration

Research Research that is the name of the game of ” Making My Way” and finding inspiration to grow this blog. I have a passion for fast safe horses and I love my family and finding inspiration to create and recreate. I have tried a couple different directions to take this blog but to no avail. I just haven’t been confident or comfortable with how the blog was looking to spend the hours it takes to promote it. Okay so about a year ago I did not even know what a blog was… lol Yes, I have learned content and SUPERB pictures are key. With this ammunition I plan on polishing my skills in those areas. I have some college education, but none that I can fall back on to help me on this little adventure in life. Hence the time has come to just grab the bull by the horns and just do what I do best be myself and keep a journal till I figure out my direction. In my opinion all bloggers go thru this. What direction do I turn. How can I get the most traffic. How can I achieve what the other inspirational ladies have achieved. Again research shows hard work determination and goals most importantly finding your true self as a blogger. Write about your life, solve a problem, or just be there, be the inspiration! Yes the big bloggers have made their way, and some have the most beautiful stories to tell. I am sure others just have the money and the time to make it work…. not me lol. Time is of the essence and money… well lets just say I can’t go throwing it around. I have my family two and four legged. They are my priority and my inspiration. So here I am, not afraid of hard work by no means, determination….. check. Goals or as I call them realistically at this time dreams… only until I find my niche. I have no specific spectacular talents and I like to live my life! I like to search and recreate others inspiration with my twist. Now only making the time and taking the time. I have really enjoyed getting into crafting again! I have had fun in the past selling my creations on ebay…. many years ago. I did this till it wasn’t fun anymore. The raise in postal prices pretty much helped to put an end to that, and starting a family …. the two combined I lost interest. Now it seems there are so many different outlets to share your treasures you’ve created. I am sure people out there do well selling their crafts, me I haven’t found that way. Nor have I even tried again to put myself and creations out there… I would love to find a way to help with my addictions to junk ya know with patina and polish though wouldn’t we all. Blogging seems to be the best avenue for me to share my love of treasures, creations, (junkin), and life adventures. I believe if I challenge myself to blog my way I can make this a success. One Step at a time to Make My Way.

I believe inspiration lies in the eyes of the beholder. I love seeing inspiration in the tiniest of things. I try to instill to my children always look for the little things in life as they may amaze you forever. My life is what I make of it. Yes there may be unforeseen circumstances. Roll with it, that’s all we can do. Dream! Learning from all the choices I have made. Thankful for what the big man upstairs has provided me with. Now that I have that weight off my chest here we go…. last but not least
I must give credit to the photographer of the above picture. Jessica Feldman from Illinois A Moment In Time Photography. Look her up she takes superb pictures, family, farm, race horses, senior pics… she is awesome! This is one of my favorites of one of her friends race horse and the caption she put with it could not have been better! Yes I am jealous of her photography skills lol she is good!

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