Need a good book to read at your next rodeo?

Do you need to add to your personal library on your phone, tablet or laptop? While your waiting at the show for the next class or when the show is … [Continue reading]

Our Latest Adventure Booking our Trip To Disney These are some of the deals !

[Continue reading]

Easy Biscuits And Gravy No Fail

So today I had the luxury of spending the evening with Gma B. Our challenge today to teach me how to cook biscuits and gravy....Not out of a packet … [Continue reading]

Easy Peasy Meatloaf

Oh yes my family and friends you will never believe it This recipe is so simple even I could do it OH and by the way I did and it was edible that … [Continue reading]

Kids Camping Project

Since I am still learning about this blogging adventure and should do more research so you know things would look proper and pretty well that's just … [Continue reading]

Freezing Eggs?? For Your Next Adventure

So today as I was surfing the web I found a article at Really freezing eggs for camping well the article was really about saving … [Continue reading]

Honey its cold outside…

32 Days till spring whoohoo we are all ready! I know everyone and their brother, sister, and their donkeys and I mean that in the most lovingly way … [Continue reading]

Indiana Quarter Horse Racing

Whoooo Hoooo ! I am excited even though I doubt I race a horse this year(however if all goes well and it is in my lucky stars look for me in 2016 with … [Continue reading]

Blogging Journey

Wow I have figured out absolutely nothing in the last few hours. Trying to figure out how to get from here to there is not such an easy task. (I do … [Continue reading]

Bad Kitty and Tough Company

well my first post says Sept. LOL it was earlier today January 28 2015 I am curious as to what this post date will be.. Anywhoooo the haltering of … [Continue reading]

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